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Adium 1.0.5:

Changes in Adium X 1.0.5

Version 1.0.5 (7/9/2007) SVN revision: [20183]
Fixed inadvertent deletion of the chat transcript index after opening and closing the chat transcript viewer; this could lead to performing a full, slow re-index when next it was used (#7037)
Fixed retrieval of user name and password for systemwide proxy settings when the proxy requires authentication. (#6998)
Fixed display of the fingerprint when verifying an OTR fingerprint. (#7001)
Fixed a potential crash when doing text-to-speech
Fixed a crash when selecting ‚undo‘ after closing a message window
Fixed display of ICQ to ICQ messages when utilizing OTR (#6901)
Fixed installation of AdiumLibpurplePlugins
Updated to libpurple 2.0.2 (from 2.0.0)
Moving an ICQ buddy from one group to another no longer re-requests authorization from that person
Fixed SOCKS5 bug which caused Jabber file receiving to fail
Remove MSN’s random „Authorization Failed“ dialogs
Fix MSN to correctly detect incorrect passwords
Get User Info on MSN is now more reliable & accurate
Fix for some QQ authentication problems
Prevent „Logged in:“ times for AIM buddies being ridiculously high
Improve ICQ encoding support for some non-latin languages
Fix for buddy icons disappearing
Don’t escape html entities in Yahoo! system messages
Receives notifications when XMPP buddies send „leaving chat“ messages
Fix error messages when joining XMPP chats
File transfer progress for transfers on MSN is now correctly displayed
Fix Open Hotmail Inbox for MSN to work more reliably
Google Talk accounts will not import buddies from your Gmail address book

Jorunler 2.5.3:

v2.5.3 is a maintenance release for the 2.5 series and is a recommend update for all Journler users. v2.5.3 features numerous improvements and a lot of behind the scenes work, including:
German localization – many thanks to Andreas Häne
Danish localization – many thanks to Preben Nielson
Crash fix related to Safari 3 beta
Fixed memory leak related to live word count
Punctuation now allowed in smart folders, no apostrophes or quotes though
Improved resource management
Attachment drags from Mail now work
Updated help files
Many, many more improvements and additions

Shimo 1.0.2:

Improved authentication dialog (SecurID Token, empty fields)
Some bugfixes

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