[Backupsoftware] Bacula bringt neue Version 2.2.0

Die Opensource Backupsoftware Bacula hat eine neue Version veröffentlicht. Ich benutze Bacula um alle möglichen Clients zusichern, darunter auch Macrechner, Linux- und Windowsserver. Tolle Software, deshalb der Hinweis:

Was gibt es neues?

– Much faster insertion of attributes (somewhere around 10 times),
– First release of bat (Bacula Administration Tool).
– Red/Black restore in memory tree (500 times faster loading).
– The Regex Where code to allow easier relocation of restored files
– Socket level heartbeat for all connections (untested).
– posix_fadvise() use in the FD to improve performance reduces
swapping due to opening/reading lots of files. Win32 equivalent
– Much improved Volume reservation code that should eliminate most
conflicts experienced in multiple drive autochangers.
– Simpler locking in the SD in the reservation system.
– Detection of file size/date change during backup if enabled.
– New Recycle Pool feature
– Efficient implementation of very large include/exclude lists.
– Volumes are no longer pruned during ’status dir‘
– Pruning is now more efficient, and if a Volume is purged,
during pruning, it is immediately discovered.
– License is now GPL v2 without modifications, fix a few copyright
mistakes made when adding FSFE copyright notice.

Es gibt viele neue bconsole Kommandos, configure Optionen und viele Bugfixes mehr.
Na da hab ich ja nach meinem Urlaub gleich was zu tun ;)

Autor: Oliver

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