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Kod, derzeit noch pre-alpha, aber schon mal ein Hinweis wert. Eventuell entwickelt sich hier ein feiner, neuer Editor für Mac OS X.

Die angekündigten Features lassen einiges versprechen:

  • Fully concurrent — loading files, syntax highlighting, etc is distributed across available CPU cores. Minimal waiting time.
  • Integrated scripting environment based on Node.js.
  • Written from scratch with modern OS X 10.6 APIs providing maximum OS integration while avoiding reinvention of the wheel.
  • Sports a Chromium-like user interface where tabs can be torn off and moved between windows.
  • Allows editing (although not saving, currently) remote files accessible over HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Styling of the editor (not only the syntax highlighting) through regular CSS 3.
  • Comes with support for over 65 different languages/syntaxes which can easily be edited or extended (Kod uses the same format as GNU Syntax Highlight).
  • And more awesome features…

Testen kann man die sehr frühe Entwicklerversion von Kod hier.


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