Link: The developement of a signage typeface

The developement of a signage typeface — Wayfinding Sans Pro

But looking at photos or signage specifications doesn’t reveal much about the actual performance of those typefaces. So I set off, driving thousands of miles across Europe to explore the legibility of these signs and typefaces, first hand. Once I even ended up in a holding cell at the border crossing to Norway, because the customs officers just wouldn’t accept that someone would drive all over Europe simply to take photographs of traffic signs.

Ich sollte eigentlich ein Paper lesen — stattdessen sog ich diesen Text auf wie ein Schwamm. Ralf Hermann beschreibt wieviel Liebe, Zeit und Detailarbeit hinter der Entstehung seiner für Straßenschilder dedizierten Schriftart steckt. Großartiger Nerdkram. (via)

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